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Fractal-Capital Profitable Investment Pool For Bitcoin Mining.
Efficiency is what drives the margins in Bitcoin transaction processing. As more miners compete to find a block the difficulty of the network rises respectively. When the network reaches the saturation point, the miners who are most efficient will make the most profit. Fractal-Capital will share profits between of 100 investors working together in a powerful blockchain of its own, making the structure immensely efficient.
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"Profit doesn't come by itself."

We are using one of the most advanced crypto-currency software on the market today with great efficiency.

Automatically withdrawal profit every month

ex: invest 1 ETH = profit 4.6 ETH  


1 BTC = 4.6 BTC


100 Investors only


The investments distribution between various blocks minimizes possible losses. Our management strategy gives you access to the explosive growth of the cryptocurrency market while minimizing the high risk often associated with cryptocurrency investments.

Regular high monthly return

Hold FractalCoin in the staking wallet and receive interests in return for total balance amount of FractalCoin.Get fixed monthly profit based on total investment on the Blockchain FractalCapital lending platform exclusively using Fractalcoin.

Portfolio management

According to portfolio structure, at any given moment all tokens are backed with 100% crypto assets under management.
Dividends are paid out every time to Your crypto wallet. Each owner of the Fund's tokens can choose whether to reinvest the profit or receive a payment automatically.